In-Decision 2007: Billy Donovan

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It's been quite a soap opera involving Florida Gators Head Basketball Coach Billy Donovan. As noted by his title, after a week worth of craziness, he ends up where he began.

Billy Donovan flirted with the Orlando Magic, and I'd say he did more than flirt. He inked the dotted line on a long-term deal with the NBA club. A few days later, he backed away.

As of now, Bill "D" is a Florida Gator, and an apologetic one at that,

"For me personally, I didn't try to do anything intentionally or maliciously to try to hurt somebody or hurt any individual or hurt anybody in this... I made a mistake, I apologized for that mistake, tried to accept responsibility for that mistake," says the Gators current coach.

As for those who the apologies were directed to, the Orlando Magic took a step forward after two weeks of ugliness since firing Brian Hill. On Thursday, they landed on their feet by signing a respected man in basketball; Stan Van Gundy.

Although it took his firing by Pat Riley for the Heat to march to the NBA Finals and win the championship a year ago, and some negotiation for the Magic to get him out of his current Miami deal, Stan "the man" is thankful to his former boss.

"He gave me a chance, an opportunity as head coach, and after some troublesome moments yesterday, he allowed me to take this opportunity, so I'm excited and grateful to him," says the Magic's most recent hire.

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