NASCAR Preview: The Boys Head to Pocono

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A Serene setting for many vacationing New Yorkers will become the hot spot for NASCAR, as the boys hit the hard corners of the Pocono Raceway in upstate Pennsylvania.

"Poconos is a lot of fun, I thought it was a lot more fun when they let you shift...It's a very different track...because of 3 very different corners," says Casey Mears.

"I personally feel like I do nothing different... You just have to be able to run a car loose there for sure," adds Brian Vickers.

Missing from the action are the Cars of Tomorrow. The current points leader in the race for the Nextel Cup is happy to bypass that challenge.

"Speaking of the Cars of Tomorrow, at all the races next year, that's going to be the most interesting one... It's already challenging as it is, but with that car it's going to be extremely challenging," says Jeff Gordon.

With two straight races featuring surprise winners. The NASCAR boys head to the Poconos with every car having a chance.

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