Chipper Still Chipped Up

ATLANTA (AP) _ Chipper Jones was optimistic about his sore
wrists after he fielded some ground balls and made some soft throws
across the infield today during the Atlanta Braves' batting
Jones said -- quote -- ``All that went pretty well. This is one
of the few days I've really been encouraged. ... As long as I keep
getting better, it shouldn't be too long.''
Jones was examined by hand specialist Doctor Gary Lourie today.
Lourie gave the go-ahead for the third baseman to remove the Velcro
splints on each wrist and take ground balls and throw for the first
time since he was placed on the 15-day disabled list on June first,
retroactive to May 24st.
Jones injured both wrists in a May eleventh collision with
Pittsburgh's Jose Bautista.
Jones' upbeat mood today was a notable difference from
yesterday, when he said he was feeling a little better but could do
Jones said he hoped to start swinging a bat ``in a matter of

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