Local Golfer Close to Qualifying for the U.S. Open

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Thomas University Golfer Lance Williams is doing big things on the green, not just here, but across the nation.

Lance Williams hits the links daily. The collegiate golfer just finished his freshman year at Thomas University and he credits his dad for introducing him to the game.

"My dad pretty much took me out and played at Seminole golf course when I was six years old. I kept bugging him to take me out there and play."

Dad took him out to the course first, but then Lance decided to teach himself how to play the game. Now his golf game is so good that he recently had a chance to qualify for the U.S. Open.

Williams says, "I didn't really have any high hopes. I was just doing it for more experience than anything." The Tallahassee native found himself in a play off in regionals.

Williams added, "It came down to a 30-footer on the first hole and I made it to clinch a spot."

He then advanced to sectional qualifying and his luck on the green fell a little short, but he's keeping his head up.

Williams said, "It's a big confidence booster more than anything. You know I can do this. I can get this far. It's a learning experience more than anything. I might not have played very well but I took a lot out of it."

And one achievement gained by the experience is that he was selected as the number one freshman in the U.S. to represent the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics in the USA versus China.

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