Will Titans First Season Be Their Last?

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The Tallahassee Titans finished their first season with an 11-4 record, a great first season for a franchise, yet the Titans can't shake the feeling that they let one slip away.
Keven Jackson said, "Just one of those nights, our defense missed the ball, we missed 3 interceptions right in their hands, one of those nights where we couldn't control what we ere doing."
The Titans 62-32 loss to Mississippi on Sunday signaled the end to '07, but despite the first round playoff exit the Titans were quite the success story on the field.
They will send 4 players to the league's All-Star game in two weeks, highlighted by the quarterback receiving tandem of Ben Dougherty and Rod Miller two of the top players in the league. Throw in the fact that most of the team had never played indoor football before and the future looks bright.
Jackson said, "We had a great year and you had guys who hadn't played the indoor game before and just to put a bunch of guys together and just put a team together like this, I mean it was great."
Off the field is another story, the Titans find themselves in a financial hole, and if a buyer for the team isn't found, this could be the Titans first and last season in Tallahassee.
But if the team does come back, you can count on them having a coach.
Jackson said, "Don't know what the outcomes going to be next year, but we made a vow last night that we can't go out like this, we've got to come back again. I told them straight up that I'm not going to go anywhere if we're going to have a team next year than I just can't go out like this."