Twice as Nice

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Announcer said, "Walter Dix accelerates and Florida State has won back to back national championships."

Ricardo Chambers said, "Oh, it felt really good man, at the moment I was so shocked, so surprised I had no reaction at the moment. I'm pretty sure in 2 days it will soak into me and I'll think man, we did it, this is history."

It's never easy to win a championship, a second one is even tougher and to add to the degree of difficulty Florida State did it with only 7 athletes.

Bob Braman said, "It did have to go perfectly, we only had 7 athletes, they all scored, they all made All-American."

It started with the 4 X 100 relay.

Greg Bolden said, "We know as long as we got the stick around we've got the best team on the track hands down."

And it ended with possibly the best collegiate track runner in the history of the NCAA, Walter Dix.

Bolden said, "For the rest of the team it sets the pace, we feed off his energy and that's the best thing I like about him."

Braman said, "He had 8 races in 72 hours and those are intense all out body beating up races so he was just phenomenal and again historical."

You can call them record breaking, you can call them fast, just make sure you call them back to back National Champs.

Bolden said, "It was like, aww man, we're 2 time defending National Champions it's a great way to go out. I love it."

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