Got Game: Kelli Dougherty Hits Bullseye

Just one flick of the wrist, and hundreds of dollars could dart your way... That was evident this past weekend at the 13th Annual Seminole Shootout sponsored by the Florida Dart Association. And while the sport gets the spotlight in bars and pubs, it's popularity among women is right on target.

"It's no longer just a man's sport, women can do it as well."

Kelli Dougherty has been able to put her own imprint on the sport, but the game of darts is really nothing new to her.

Kelli Dougherty, President of Florida Dart Association says.
"I started in 1992,been playing for about 15 years... My father is also a plyaer. He's been playing for 30 years and he was ranked in the Top-5 in the country at one point, so that's how I got started... It's a lot of strategy and technique and follow through."

Well, that technique helped her win the women's singles event this past weekend, and a first place finish last month in a $20,000 tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dougherty says
"Came in first place in singles there, beating the Number 1 and Number 2 ladies in the country so that was phenomenal."

And don't expect this lady to stop hitting the bullseye any time soon.

Dougherty says
"I'll continue to do this as long as I physically can... I enjoy all of the aspects of it."

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