Inside the Game: Soccer Juggling

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From former FSU Soccer assistant coach FSUPauliina Miettinen:

"I'm here to teach you how to juggle the ball and get introduced with the ball so that you can control is so that the ball doesn't control you.

"First step you usually juggle with your feet because the most important thing you do with the soccer ball is with your feet so you want to have more control with the ball with your feet. To start off the juggling looks like this. You alternate your feet, you touch it gently with your shoelaces and our ankle is semi-tight, it's locked, but it's not locked all the way, but it's kind of halfway locked.

"It's very important that you alternate your feet so you can keep your balance all the time."

"There's different kinds of juggles, you can have a different spin on the ball, the one I just did, it puts a back spin on the ball and you can also juggle the ball where you have no spin or top spin on the ball, but you have to lift your legs a little bit higher.

You can also juggle the ball while jumping or running at the same time."

"You can juggle with your thighs, you can juggle with our head or you can combine all of the above.

And there's no real secret to juggling other than practicing, practicing, practicing, practicing."

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