7 On 7 Tournaments Spark Competition

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Tallahassee, FL -- The summer months can seem endless leading to the start of football season. 7 on 7 tournaments are growing in popularity and can serve as a way to break up the repetitive schedule of offseason workouts.

"It can kind of get loll, as far as constantly in the weight room and running. To give them something to look forward to, they love these type of events," says NFC head football coach Robert Craft. "We do to as coaches. Time to compete against other people and get them ready for August and eventual games in the fall."

The games also revive a sense of competition between the teams.

"It gets them a little bit of the edge back because you are competing and every time you compete, we tell our kids in the weight room, in the class room that if you compete you get better," adds Chiles head football coach Mike Lassiter.

The 7 on 7's primarily help the offense, which benefits teams breaking in new players to to skill positions like North Florida Christian, who will have a new starting quarterback this season.

"He needs all the reps he can get, just for timing with new receivers, new running backs. It's beneficial for that," Craft adds.

"Our quarterbacks get timing, our receivers get a good opportunity to work in space, so it's real important for us for that. We can't simulate that at regular practice.

Some teams take advantage of this by throwing against other schools

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