Fans React to Junior's Hendrick Decision

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The NASCAR nation shake up began when Dale Earnhardt Jr. decided to leave his daddy's racing team behind. Now he's part of Hendrick . Now Junior fans are trying to cope as rivals become teammates. Travis Broadway says, "I didn't like Jeff Gordon or Jimmy Johnson. Really I had been a die hard Earnhardt fan ever since senior. Now I'm going to have to pull for Gordon, Johnson, and all three of them I guess."

But it's a two way street. Some fans of the rainbow warrior will have to get used to Junior on the Hendrick side. Cheree Barnes says, "I'm a fan of Jeff Gordon, and I guess now I'm going to have to be a fan of Dale Earnhardt Junior."

While racing fans deal with the move, one thing is certain. When these three amigos start their engines, they will be tough beat. Freedom Pearce is a NASCAR fan. "Hendricks has good cars, they've been good at the poles, and they've been good at the wins. It's going to be a scary situation." Scary for those not racing for Hendrick, as his team may leave the competition in the dust.

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