Dale Junior Prepares for a New Ride

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The news broke on Wednesday, but it's a topic of conversation that will be discussed plenty in the next 8 months. The golden boy of NASCAR is now on the sport's best team.

"I can't tell you how special this is to me, how thrilled I am, and how much pressure I feel to make sure that he's going to win races," says Hendrick Motorsports Owner Rick Hendrick.

Win races is what Hendrick drivers do. Last year it was Jimmy Johnson's turn and this year has been dominated by Jeff Gordon.

"Those guys seem really excited about it, and we've all talked about it, and we're pretty pumped up about us being teammates next year," says Dale Earnhardt Jr.

"He's going to have to beat those guys anyway, they're going to have to beat him anyway, it's no matter if he's with our team or someone else," cites Hendrick.

"I'd like to outrun Jeff, Jeff's one of the best that's ever been in our sport, he's fun to race with and especially when you beat him, it's a good feeling," adds Earnhardt Jr.

But, is it a feeling that NASCAR nation will want to share? There will be months for the Dale Junior faithful to decide.

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