Anglers Hit the Seas at the Big Bend Saltwater Classic

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Anglers were ready to cast their reels at the Big Bend Saltwater Classic in hopes reeling in the big one. And it just so happened to be the perfect day to do so. Mark Fewox has fished at the tournament several years. "The fishing was great Friday. We had great tides all day and all morning was good. There was plenty of bait out there, and plenty of fish."

After a day at sea, fisherman tied off their boats and unloaded their goods as they showed off several different types of fish.

Lyle Floyd is a Big Bend Saltwater Classic Volunteer. "The exciting thing about the tournament is that it's a rodeo format so there's something for everybody. We have fourteen or fifteen fish species and so you can catch three or four different species and win the overall tournament."

Fisherman say the most important part after reeling in their catch is seeing how much these bad boys weigh. Fishing veteran Mark Fewox thinks he might have a contender. "I've got one that I think might stay on the board, a Spanish Mackerel."

Others like Linsey Toole were lacking a little confidence about their performance in the tournament. "I've seen some big fish come in. Some people are way off shore and some people even left Thursday night, so I don't think so, but we had fun anyway."

And the fun has only just begun. Anglers will still have the weekend to soak up the sun, while trying to catch the big one.

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