The Sims Brothers Share a Moment

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TALLAHASSEE--- It's in the bloodlines for the Sims family. The mother.. Alice..was a champion at track, and the kids Ernie and Marcus have both donned the garnet and gold on the gridiron.

On Friday, the brothers enjoyed the opportunity to give back. Usually throwing a camp for the hometown kids when you're a professional athlete, is all about giving back, but this opportunity offered a rare thrill for Detroit Lions star linebacker Ernie Sims.

Ernie signed autographs with his brother seated right next to him. Proud pa Ernie Senior says this was a first.. and let's hope it won't be a last either.

"It feels good having my little brother right there next to me signing autographs, it was a good experience. I know he looks up to me, and maybe we can do more like that," says the elder brother Ernie Junior.

"It was a good experience just coming out here with my brother just giving back to the community because the community really needs people like us that came around and give back," adds the younger Marcus.

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