It's More Than a Number

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A lucky number means a lot more than what to put the chips on at a roulette wheel, or what numbers to pick for your lotto, when it comes to sports, there's plenty of superstition involved.

For FSU cornerback Tony Carter, last year had some good fortune, including 3 touchdowns: 2 on picks, and 1 on a fumble return.

The rising junior also suffered a knee injury that sidelined him for a good part of the season, and that is unacceptable... so it's the jersey number that's getting the blame.

Carter explains, "It was my childhood number, the first number I had when I played Pop Warner since I was 7. I came here and I was disappointed that I couldn't get number 4, but I saw the number open up and I just had to get it. Hopefully you'll see a new swagger out there."

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