Little Giant Gets Messy at the Big Bend Saltwater Classic

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Hudson Holland may be a little guy, but he's got a big job to do. The five year old is the youngest dockmaster at the Big Bend Saltwater Classic. Hudson says, "I'm just going to carry some fish up to the stage and weigh them."

This is Hudson's second year as a dockmaster at the event. He picks up the fish and takes it to the weigh station. "The fish feel mushy like a sponge." That mushy feeling may be what makes it hard for Hudson to handle these fishies. Hudson says, "It's really heavy and I can't carry it so sometimes it slips out of my hands."

And Hudson's dad, Bob, is concerned about whether or not his little boy can handle the fish. "I'm more worried about him dropping the fish than I am about him carrying them. They spend so much time out on the water catching it that you don't want to drop it on the ground."

But this year Hudson had total control. He manages to get a grip on a huge king fish, showing the strength and poise of a little giant.

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