Al Thornton Prepares For Life in the NBA

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Since last summer's preseason workouts, no players stock has rose as much as Florida State's Al Thornton.
From virtual unknown to near top 10 lock, Thornton is now regarded by many as the most NBA ready player in the draft.
Al Thornton said, "Those things are nice to hear like you say, but at the same time I've got to know that I'm a rookie like a freshman in college again, like when I first got to FSU and I have to go in and prove myself all over again."
And Thornton has been plenty busy proving himself to NBA teams, spending the last couple of weeks working out all over the country.
Thornton said, "It's been a long process, been working out for teams I worked out for Sacramento, Chicago, Minnesota, and Boston. It's been a long process, I'm enjoying it."
Perhaps the most enjoyable thought is putting on that first NBA uniform and playing against his heroes.
Thornton said, "Sometimes I have to pinch myself like I'm sleeping, I can't wait. Sometimes it's kind of weird some of the players I look up to at first it's going to be a weird feeling to play against some of the players I always looked up to but I feel like I'm ready."
Now it's just a question of which team will dial his number come June 28.

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