Every Team Has a Story: 5 Star Hoops

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Summer camp is supposed to be about fun and games, but the dream team of basketball talent is working hard to maintain an edge.

"Been coming to the camp since I was in 8th grade, been working on my fundamentals to get my game tighter," says Martez Walker.

"Fundamentals, it’s kind of hard and grueling ‘cause we go at it every day, but everyday keeps on coming out," adds Ray Shipman.

Mixed in with all the work, there is some fun to be had. As rivals become teammates, new relationships form.

"It's a great opportunity, you get to meet great people and you also get to put your skills against people who want to be in the position you're in," says hoopster Dashan Harris.

"It's a lot of fun, laughing, joking, just spending time with all my friends. It's a blessing," adds Walker.

"The friends you get to meet, you get to hand out with each other," states Shipman.

What's unique about the 5-star basketball camp is the stellar reputation that attracts top talent throughout the nation.

"Every state has a different style of play, so you get to test your style against different styles, and it's one of the best opportunities," comments Harris.

An opportunity reserved for the cream of the crop, a team full of All-Stars.

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