There's No "Off"-Season for FSU Hoops

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This is kind of an odd off-season for the FSU Seminoles hoops squad. It feels like they are rebuilding, after all their biggest star Al Thornton has graduated, but the sad truth is that the team probably underachieved even with big Al suiting up.

The term re-building isn't right, maybe simply building better suits the team. On that note, the team isn't starting from scratch. They had some big wins last year because they do have talent.

The likes of Jason Rich and Isaiah Swann will be called to step up, and the man who runs the show, Tony Douglass, isn't taking this off-season lightly.

The Seminoles point guard said, "In the off-season you work harder than during the basketball season. You take it really slow because you have so many games. So off-season is really important conditioning wise, lifting wise, and on the court wise to have better skills."

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