Local Coaches React to Florida's New Steroid Bill

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If you are one of the thousands of student athletes who participate in baseball, football, or wrestling at the High School level, you may be tested for steroid use this season because on Wednesday Florida Governor Charlie Crist signed a bill enabling a one year trial for random steroid testing.

Ira Reynolds said, "I think it's a good idea, there's a problem among high school athletes across the country with steroids and enhancement drug. I think starting in the state of Florida it's a good start."

Joe Vallese said, "I think it's a positive, with all the controversy you hear on TV on all the sports talk shows, we're constantly talking about it. If it's becoming such a problem with professional than this is the place to start with the young kids, with the youth of America."

The bill allows for testing of 1 percent of those athletes competing in the 3 sports which may seem like a small number, but coaches believe just the fact that there is a test will help deter kids from using.

Vallese said, "I think it's important that they know they can't do it and that it starts now, that it's important to take care of your body and there's a lot to be said for cheating, cheating is wrong."

Florida is the second state to sign a steroid testing bill for high school athletes and just having a plan in place will hopefully keep steroids from becoming a problem in Florida High Schools.

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