NASCAR Preview: On the Road Again

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This week NASCAR hits the road on the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California. The move to a road course provides hope that the Hendrick domination should be put to an end.

"A favorite is hard to say...the Hendrick guys, all the work that they've done in their cars, it's going to be tough...are we going to be competitive there? For sure. I don't like to go there and just think I'm going to win the race," says Juan Pablo Montoya.

"I was encouraged by our COT test...our car drove really good... I'm kind of looking forward to going there," adds Matt Kenseth.

As for the difference between a super-speedway and a road course, two veterans argue the variables.

"I think it will be a little bit better as far as the left and right... you try to move over everything to get the weight on the ride side, but you don't have anything to move with the COT," says Bill Elliott.

"Not a lot of difference on a road course, a little bit of travel issues... all in all, there wasn't a great deal of difference to me," comments Ricky Rudd.

Of course, a factor you have to consider, being a new dad, will Jeff Gordon maybe lay off the gas a little bit, only time will tell.

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