Baker Family Success Swings to Fastpitch Softball

There are some stories that just kinda tell themselves... Like how a young baseball coach and a softball star fell in love... As for the "Happily Ever After" part, that can be seen in the form of softball and their 12-year-old daughter... I caught up with the family of 3 and got the chance to preview their next chapter...

The Tallahassee Fastpitch Softball Association has taken over Messer Park this Summer... Drafting players, forming teams and most importantly swinging some good 18 & under competition... But few are more competitive than a team in grey that has ties to the Garnet & Gold.

Katy Baker says:
"My dad coaches baseball, well he used to coach baseball at FSU, and now he does baseball camps."

FSU Director of Baseball Operations Chip Baker has yet another reason to come out to the ballpark... His wife Julie is an assistant coach on the Corvettes.

Julie Baker Says:
"My senior year, I met somebody and he works for the FSU baseball team so I kinda decided to stay with him."

Chip, Julie & Katy Baker... Just one of the many storylines on display this Thursday for the City Championships beginning at 6:30pm.

Additional Quotes:

Katy Baker:
"My mom coaches my travel team and she coaches my fastpitch league team."

"We are pretty good... We are fast! We are called the Corvettes so we are fast."

Julie Baker:
"I played at FSU back in the 1980s, when FSU first went to fastpitch. They were slowpitch champs and the NCAA didn't recognize them as slowpitch anymore so we went fastpitch. They recruited me from California and I played 4 years here and had a blast. We went to the College World Series my junior year and made Regionals my sophomore, junior and senior year so I feel like we really started something because FSU has just had an outstanding program."

"I was a player, he's a coach... As far as our daughter is concerned, he's a much better coach than I am... He's the brains of the coaching world, but it works out well. she gets a little from him, a little from me, and it's fun. We obviously enjoy athletics with both of us growing up through it and our daughter is now growing up through it... So it works out well."

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