Kids Go Clubbing on the Golf Course

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Some kids in Bainbridge, Georgia are spending their summer vacation hitting the links and learning how to play the game of golf.

Brent Noble is one of the young ones participating in the summer golf program and said, "I learned that when you play the game you count all the strokes. You count how many times you hit the ball, and we learned how to putt."

Kids ages seven to 17 are spending their days at the Pines Golf Course thanks to a grant that was given to Roland Hebert from the United States Golf Association. The children get a free ride to the golf course, and then they get to play with new clubs and ride around on the golf cart.

Roland Hebert manages the Pines Golf Course and said, "This is a very low income area. Seventy-eight percent of the people are on free lunches in the lunch program, so I wanted to bring them out here and teach them. I thought maybe we can make a difference."
Devin Thompson is another youngster who appreciates being able to learn how to play the game. "It helps us a lot. I used to not do anything in the summers because I would just go on vacation a lot, but I like this better."

And the new golfers seem to be hitting it off, not only with the club, but also with each other.

Joe Sweet is a volunteer who helps the kids on the course and said, "The bottom line is we want them to learn that you must respect the game just as you would have to respect each other."

The youngsters will get a chance to learn respect for each other and the game the entire summer.

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