Little Swimmer Making a Big Splash in the Pool

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Emily Sullivan is a little swimmer with a big personality. The five-year-old is showing some impressive skills every time she dives off the starting block.

"I like to put on my swim cap and my goggles and go swimming. It's just fun. It's great and I like to swim."

Emily was only four years old when she started swimming for Bainbridge's YMCA Extreme Team. Now she is master when it comes to swimming her favorite strokes.

Emily Sullivan said, "Well, I like breast stroke ad butterfly because I just like to swim them."
Emily's coach adores the youngster. He says she is a major part of the team.

Jamie Hahn said, "She brings the life to it. She's always happy and smiling. She'll talk and plays with anybody. She adores the older kids."

And Emily may be cute, but don't let her looks and her personality deceive you. When it comes time to race she brings her A-game and is an intense competitor.

Emily Sullivan said, "It feels fast to me and it just feels so good. I want to win!"

And so far winning is what Emily has done. She has already taken home several first place medals and ribbons, something she hopes will continue in the future.

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