New Summer League Team Hits the Field in Thomasville

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The Georgia Collegiate Woodbat League has it's newest team, the Thomasville Bombers.
Brian Basford said, "It was real important just to stay playing and have a place to play this summer and stay in the game."
Tommy Rice said, "Summer ball is important, you don't have the hype of the regular season at your school, but you focus on skills and playing and getting better, summer is the key to being a baseball player."
The Bombers feature players from around North Florida and South Georgia, their head man, Thomas University assistant Bobby Rodriguez.
Bobby Rodriquez said, "We talked about it, and things started rolling, and it started developing and one thing led to another and here we are and we've got a team set up representing Thomasville."
And for fans of baseball you'll enjoy the nice crack of the bat after all it is a wood bat league.
Ruben Rodriguez said, "Hitting with a wooden bat there's a lot of challenge, a lot of different swings we have to take compared to a metal bat. You have to make better contact and drive the ball and not look for the long ball because it's pretty hard to hit the long ball with a wooden bat."
Long ball or not the Bombers are just happy to have the opportunity to play ball and chase their dreams of playing professional baseball.

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