Great Week in the World of Sports

This has been a week full of important dates... Whether it's been a newborn's first breath, or a major league hero's first return home, let's take a quick glance at the week that was...

Tiger Woods missed out on winning another Major Championship on Sunday's US Open, but managed to do something he'd never done before... Become a dad. He and his wife Elyn Nordgren welcomed Sam Alexis Woods on Monday morning...

NASCAR's Jeff Gordon didn't let Tiger Woods get too far in front... The Number 24 machine and his wife Ingrid manufactured their first baby girl... The name is Ella Sofia.

The same week, Sammy Sosa made a full circle return against the team that made him famous... Not only hitting a homerun, but hitting his 600th career homerun and doing it in typical Sammy fashion.

Then Friday night, Ken Griffey Junior made the highly anticipated return to the Seattle Mariners... Junior has only played for 2 teams in the Majors, and both of them seemed proud to be associated with his style of baseball.

Locally, the Tallahassee Fastpitch Softball Association had their city championships this week... The JD Byrider Corvettes took first place in the Junior Division...

And Coach Leonard Hamilton and the FSU Men's Basketball team began the 2nd of 3 Instructional Basketball Camps on his menu for the Summer.

A Great Week in the World of Sports.