Returning to Tallahassee

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The time Nick Maddox spends on the football field these days isn't used to sharpen his own game, but to train future football stars.

Nick Maddox said, "It's a great thing coming out here and getting to interact with the kids and getting the chance to coach. Coaching at this level is a whole different thing, but a lot more fun."

Maddox played at Florida State from '99 to 2002, and his most memorable moments aren't from game day, rather from seeing some of his own teammates up close and personal.

Maddox said, "Practices for me were actually more exciting than the games. I remember one practice in particular where Peter Warrick made a run and I caught myself watching him run instead of listening to my coach, it was that extraordinary."

Maddox still holds his Seminoles and Tallahassee in high regard, so much so that he now returns the favor.

Maddox said, “I'm a fundraiser for the Seminole Booster Club and that's been a very positive thing for me because I'm able to give back in a way that was given to me."

Not to mention passing on the same skills he once used on the field when he donned the garnet and gold.

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