Every Team Has a Story: Leon High Crew

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It's a tale of team triumph, accomplishing the unexpected. Leon High School has a rich tradition of athletics, but crew is not the first sport to come to mind. Perhaps it should be.

"It's the second time that we've won a National Championship... We went up to New Jersey and beat the best competition in the country," says Head Coach Dan Newman.

"It was really great, there were so many good teams out there. We really pulled it together at the end," adds Leon High rower Caroline Cooper.

The surprise of Leon winning the national title, was far more widespread than locally. Even the competitors raised their eyebrows when they saw who reached the finish line first.

"We've had enough success in the past that they know who we are now, this was a better expectation and result than we've had, and I think they were as surprised as us," explains Newman.

The secret to the team's success lies with head coach Dan Newman. The former Leon crew mate provided his knowledge with experience competing in the Ivy League. The former Lion was a Princeton Tiger.

"I rowed here back in the 90's and my brother rowed here in the late '90s... I've been coaching at various points since 1999... It's been building a program, pretty good athletes, and training them well," adds Newman.

Now, when crew gets discussed, Leon High should be on your mind.

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