From the Beginning

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Jimmy Jordan came to Florida State when it wasn't cool to be a Seminole.

Jimmy Jordan said, "We really didn't have a lot of big recruits when we were there. Florida was getting most of the big recruits out of the state of Florida."

Of course that was the year a coach named Bobby Bowden came to town and Jordan was there for the beginning.

Jordan said, "I came in with Coach Bowden, his first year was my first year in '76 and progressively we got better and by the time we were seniors we went to the Orange Bowl and played against Oklahoma."

Jordan is a Florida State Hall of Famer and even with the great quarterbacks to come through FSU he still ranks in the top 10 in career passing yards and touchdowns, quite the feat considering the type of athletes that play the game today.

Jordan said, "Everybody's getting bigger and faster and that's true, I think the biggest guy we had Ron Simmons and other guys who were maybe 240-245, those guys were big."

At least they were big enough along with Jordan to help put Florida State on the football map.

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