You Can Call Me Al

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While we will always remember the ACC and NIT heroics of Al Thornton when he donned the garnet and gold, he will likely just as much be graded on his measurements and private workouts for NBA teams over the past few weeks.

On Thursday Big Al will find his fate. The talented small forward will likely be selected in the top 13 picks of the NBA Draft.

He possesses both size and skill, and his work ethic is top notch. In addition, there's another surprising aspect that the NBA scout5s judge him on. At this point it sounds more like a blind date.

"For the most part everybody thinks it's about working out. They also want to see what kind of person you are, they interview you like the whole staff, it's just like the Budweiser Hot Seat, it's kind of nerve-wracking, but they want to see what kind of person you are, what kind of character you have," says Al Thornton.

They share the same name, but have a very different game: Al Thornton and the Gators Al Horford.

Horford is, of course, not just a star, but a two-time NCAA Champion. While Thornton had to wander out to the perimeter to get the ball, Horford had the luxury of setting up shop in the paint.

At 6'10 and 250 pounds, Horford dominated inside, allowing Corey Brewer to slash and Joakim Noah to crash the boards.

It's common knowledge that Greg Oden and Kevin Durant will go 1 and 2, but whether it's pick 3 or 5 that secures Al Horford, a losing team will be grabbing a winner.

"I just want to be the best player that I can be, and help whatever team I go to. I'm a winner, I'm trying to win, that was the thing in Florida, and I want to carry that out to the next level," says the power forward.

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