Dix Says One More Year

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Right now Florida State's Walter Dix is one of the fastest humans on the planet. Fast enough to be a 5 time National Champion, and now fast enough to be part of the United States National Team competing later this summer in the World Championships in Japan.

Walter Dix said, "Everything worked out as planned. I qualified for world's in the event that I ran, a successful meeting with the president, great experience with the team, everything is going as a blessing."

With quite the list of collegiate accomplishments, many expected Dix to take the money and do what he does best... run, but this sprinter had a different idea with some unfinished business at Florida State.

Dix said, "I feel like my degree is more important than any amount of money I can take right now. I feel that if I'm running this fast at this point in time in my life, I should be running this fast the next 10 years if I keep up the hard work ethic injury or not."

Dix has been tabbed the future of American sprinting by some, and that means Track and Field's ultimate showcase, the Olympics.

Dix said, "Next season definitely go in with the focus of the 100m record then the next thing is going to be the Olympics so I'm definitely going with that in the forefront after I get that 100m record."

But before he hits the Beijing, Dix has two more goals as a Seminole a diploma and being the greatest collegiate sprinter of all time.

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