Got Game// Amber Alford-- Art of Pitching

Fastpitch softball has managed to reshape a slow game on the diamond, into one of the most competitive female sports in the country... But it all starts with one split-second from the hand to the catcher's mitt.

"Every position is important... It's a team sport, but the pitcher has to work twice as hard, maybe 3 times harder than every other person," said FSU Pitching Coach Amber Alford.

No one ever said being a fastpitch ace would be easy... Amber Alford starred for the FAMU Lady Rattlers and now serves as an assistant with the team... Throwing nuggets of pitching wisdom with every breath.

"Pitching is like the quarterback of the team, they set the mental strategy of the game. The team can feel all the energy behind that pitcher.

Energy also comes with a variety of pitches.

"When you get older, that's wehn you can develop movement pitches, drops, curves, and rise balls... The emphasis is on the grip. With the curve, you flick the wrist and bring it around like you're closing the door."

And if you ask this Lady rattler, it's never too soon to make it rise, drop, or curve on the diamond.

"It's never too young to start pitching, as long as you make sure it's what your daughter wants to do... You can start from age 7 and master it by age 10, that'd be awesome."