Shaq Visits Tallahassee

7-foot-2, 300-plus pounds, NBA Championship rings on 2 different teams, and Olympic Gold Medal, 3 Rap albums, his own shoes, Icy Hot commercials, movies... And now a visit to Tallahassee.

That's right, big Shaquille O'Neal himself, guaranteed NBA Hall of Famer, visited the Capital City today and met with Governor Charlie Crist... The visit is the grand finale of a reality TV show Big Shaq's been filming for the last 9 months urging kids to eat right and get healthy. Something he stressed at the Capital.

"Thiis is a message for the governor... Keep up Healthy, Keep us healthy, keep us healthy... good job kids, give yourself a round of applause," chanted Shaq in front of the podium at the Capital.

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