Charlie Ward Back in Rose City

FSU has had several incredible quarterbacks, but there's no qb more heralded than a guy by the name Charlie Ward... Maybe you've heard of him, kind-of a big deal. But all the fame and an 11-year NBA career didn't prevent him from making a difference in the Rose City...

And that's why he was back in full force for yet another Charlie Ward summer basketball camp in Thomasville... As usual, the camp was broken up into 3 different locations, Thomas County Central, Thomasville high, and Brookwood. The message though was the same in each setting... Those that have passion for the game, can only become better if they keep striving to be better.

"It gives them something to look forward to every year... but also to be able to give back to the young people and for them to learn about basketball and learn some new tips and learn things that I have learned over the years," said Charlie Ward

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