NBA Draft In Review

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The 2007 NBA draft begins with a 7-foot freshman who becomes the center of the Portland Blazers. The expected selection of Greg Oden was then followed by another freshman. This time it's the 6'8 sweet shooting All-American stud, former Long Horn Kevin Durant.

Then the Gators began to growl, with last year's lotto selection a mistrusted power forward, the Hawks try to correct a wrong bringing in 6'10 250 Lbs replacement in Florida Gator Al Horford.

His friends wouldn't wait around too much longer. A trend develops 4 picks later.

The Wolves select forward Corey Brewer. And so rises his pal Joakim Noah, who wouldn't have to sit long after, as with the 9th pick of the draft, the Bulls picked Joakim Noah.

While the Gators reveled in their amazing feat. The first team to have 3 players drafted in the top 10 of an NBA draft, FSU's Al Thornton sat back awaiting his moment.

Soon his time would come at last, even if he was the lottery's last pick.
So Al Thornton lives his dream. In a city where such tales hit the big screen. And in one day of sports, AL Thornton lives the true Hollywood Story.

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