The Older the Better

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Let's take a trip down memory lane, and watch a little old time baseball, of course by memory lane I mean Tuesday evening, and the Tallahassee Classics, an over 60 team playing it's 17th season.
Lane Green said, "This whole idea about old guys playing baseball became real popular after The Natural came out, Roy Hobbes the old player, and after that movie came out there was a national movement starting out of Utah to try to get old guys to play against each other and it started as over 40 baseball and now we're in over 60 baseball."
Convincing a bunch of 40 year old's to play baseball again, surprisingly Green didn't have any problems.
Jim Parrish said, "I've been playing baseball ever since I could pick up a bat and when I got out of school in college I played softball and eventually Lane talked me into coming out with the Classics in the early 90's and I've been here ever since and loving every minute of it."
And many more have joined the cause because Tallahassee now has 5 over 50 teams.
Harvey Swisher said, "I'm really glad to see it, it makes it really easy on us to get games to play and it's absolutely fun to come out and play a bunch of guys our own age."
Plus just being able to play their favorite game is worth it alone.
Green said, "I still feel like a kid, baseball's always been my favorite sport. I can still do it and I'm very thankful and very blessed to still be able to come out here and play baseball."
Parrish said, "We love what we're doing as far as we're concerned we're going to keep playing as long as our legs and bodies will hold up."