NBA Draft 2007: The Aftermath

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If you tuned in to WCTV last night, you had a chance to see the full recap of the NBA draft. If you missed it, but did see the NCAA National Championship game, well then it's as if you missed a repeat.

The Florida Gators were the talk of the nation, as for the first time in NBA history, one college team was comprised of 3 players drafted in the top 10 of the draft.

It all started with Al Horford being selected by the Hawks at number 3. Then Corey Brewer got snagged by the Timberwolves at pick number 7. Finally, Joakim Noah was grabbed by the Bulls with the ninth pick.

In addition to them, Chris Richard and Taurean Green were drafted in the second round.

"It means a lot... I'm really proud of my teammates... Such an exciting time for all of us right now, and I just hope that the rest of the crew has a chance to get drafted too," says Joakim Noah.

"Obviously, it's different. We're going to separate teams, so it's a new beginning for us, and... we had a great time at Florida, but I think it's time to move onto bigger things," adds Al Horford.

As for FSU's Al Thornton, the long wait paid off. He was, in fact, the last player taken in this year's NBA lottery.

He is now a west coast boy who will suit up for the less than glamorous Los Angeles Clippers thanks to their 14th pick, but he'll still be representing the garnet and gold. Just ask another Nole who played at the professional level.

"I am happy that he'll get a chance to play in the NBA, and hopefully, he'll able to start another or keep the tradition going, that we've started at FSU of guys in the NBA," says former Knicks first round selection and FSU legend Charlie Ward.

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