Little Giant Blazing Hot on the Diamond

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There is a little giant, well maybe not so little dominating the diamond. Aubrey McCarty is a a twelve-year-old who is 5'10 and weighs in at 170 pounds. He plays for the South Georgia Blazers, a youth travel team.
The young star enjoys every aspect of the game. Aubrey McCarty says, "I learn good sportsmanship and how to play the game, the fundamentals, and just everything you can learn about it."

His coach is impressed, but not surprised by his success and his recent performance at the National Youth Baseball Hall of Fame National Invitational Tournament. Tiger Berard says, "Aubrey had a batting average of 571 with eight home runs. He hit some 350 feet plus home runs. He also pitches. He throws the ball about seventy to seventy-two miles per hour, which at the twelve year old level is very hard."

Andre Morrison is one of Aubrey teammates. "He's a great pitcher and a great third baseman. He can hit really good. He's just a really good ball player."

Aubrey's many talents on the diamond may give him an edge. Aubrey McCarty say. "Some pitchers in the major leagues can't hit that good. So I just like being able to hit good and pitch. My goal is just to play high school, college, and maybe play pro."

Aubrey is confident that being a threat in more than one way on the field will lead to a successful future in baseball.