Former NFL Star Prepares Local Athletes

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Danny Copeland is a former professional football player, trying to help local athletes achieve their goals by taking them to the next level. He is now a personal trainer in Thomasville. Copeland says, "We do a lot of pre-draft work with baseball players, basketball players, and football players. The big thing there is trying to give them the little things to help them get over the hump as far as getting major opportunities."

One of his many clients is Tommy Rice, a baseball player hoping to make it to the big leagues. Rice says, "I'm stronger physically but also mentally more prepared for games and competition."

Copeland is now a popular trainer for many athletes from South Georgia and North Florida. Perhaps his six year stint in the NFL playing for teams like the Redskins helped him prepare for the job. Copeland says, "I learned a lot as an athlete and right now I have an opportunity to pass that knowledge on to other people. That is really what it's all about."

His clients appreciate getting advice from an athlete who has made it. Terry Chastain is a high school basketball and baseball player in Thomasville. "You know your right here with a guy that's been there. He knows what to do and you know he can help you get to that level."
Courtney Soffer is a college soccer player who has been training with Copeland for nearly six years. "He has really good advice. If you have a problem, he has a solution for everything and something you can do to get better at everything."

Copeland has already helped several people break into professional sports. And these athletes are hoping he can do the same for them...