Preparing for another "Off" Season?

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I hope you enjoyed the weekend, for the Atlanta Hawks, you would like to think it was used to start their wheeling and dealing, but with all sorts of management issues, that's all very unlikely. After all, just a week ago, there were rumors that Amare Stoudemire would be coming to town. Unfortunately, that would require an increase in payroll, something the Hawks owners fail to accept.

Ultimately, playing a youth movement isn't the worst thing, as long as the team has talent. The lack of a point guard and center will be issues, but the draft brought in a guy who can score from the paint, offer optimism, and knows a thing or two about winning.

"You get a lot of young talented guys and I feel like I can come in and help the team out right away, and we got to turn this thing around, get it going," says third pick overall Al Horford.

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