MLB All-Star Game: Stars and Snubs

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Let's talk some baseball, specifically, the mid season classic where egos are bruised and greatness debated.
In the American League, it ain't easy being a D-Ray. The club fighting to avoid the cellar will send just one delegate to San Francisco.
While Carl Crawford's deserving thanks to his 8 triples and 20 steals, his teammate Carlos Pena and his 18 home runs are good enough to rank third in the league, but not enough to represent, and the same goes for hurler James Shields, who ranks 4th in K's, but an All-Star he's not.
And now to the NL, we do some fishing, but end up with just one catch. Miguel Cabrera the sole Marlin to visit the Bay, while shortstop Hanley Ramirez can do nothing but watch.
And watching will be the Braves legend Chipper Jones. His 13 home runs add to his career resume, but the invitation, must have got lost in the mail. Also missing will be Tim Hudson, expect the Georgia native to be hunting.
But on the diamond, a future Hall of Famer, John Smoltz will be firing fastballs, and on the receiving end, he'll have some comfort in teammate Brian McCann.
Just like a heater on the corner, this year's All-Star selections rack up the numbers, but are they good enough? It's up for debate.

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