New League Attracts All-Star QB

The season ended last month for the Tallahassee Titans, but you can believe the players aren't slowing down.

And, news of the All-American Football League has kept some of the guys motivated, including All-Star QB Ben Dougherty.

Dougherty, who had been letting his body heal, has hit the gym again to train for open try-outs this September for the new league.

The league will separate teams by state, meaning Gainesville and Tallahassee could be home sites for the squad.

A new league and bigger paychecks should be quite the draw.

"It sounds like it really has a strong base; a lot of supporters out there and Tallahassee is seriously considering bringing a team here. So, I would love the opportunity to play again in Tallahassee and at the same time to make a little bit more money."