Gators License Plates to Invade Peach State?

Tuesday, July 3, 2007, 08:27AM
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Word is getting around fast that the Atlanta Gator Club, the official organization for University of Florida graduates, has submitted its application to the state Department of Revenue for a special Georgia license plate.

The club is now looking for the required 1,000 auto owners willing to slap the tag on the rear-end of their cars.

Senate President pro tem Eric Johnson (R-Savannah) is not one of them. He copied us on a letter to state Revenue Commissioner Bart Graham, with an ever-so-subtle suggestion that — if Graham’s agency could hide a month’s worth of state income for Gov. Sonny Perdue — perhaps it could also make a few requests for Gator tags disappear.

All tongue in cheek, of course. Here’s the evidence:

Dear Commissioner Graham:

This is absolutely unacceptable for our state!

A Gator tag will cause accidents. Gator fans cannot drive or read traffic signs. A car up on blocks cannot move. And it will lower our quality of life. In fact, my children used to have nightmares because we lived dangerously close to the state of Florida.

If state law allows this to occur then we need to change the law. Please delay any approval until the next session when we can amend the law to ban any tag for a university with more national championships than the average IQ of their alumni. A delay in processing their application should not require much of an effort since they cannot write either.

If it takes a 1,000 signatures to create a tag, can we have a regulation that 1,000 e-mails AGAINST a proposed tag kills it? If you agree, please count this as e-mail # 1…..

Please keep me informed as to the progress of this outrage. I am counting on the GEORGIA Department of Revenue to handle it appropriately. (wink-wink)

Sen. Eric Johnson

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