Catfish Fever

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If you drive down county road 12 and stop along the Ochlockonee Rover, you will see calm water and a serene setting but for Doug Mathis this is where waged a 60 minute battle.
Mathis says he nearly broke his fishing line once or twice during the escapade. "I was getting aggravated trying to get him off the stump like that and finally he came off and figured to see what he was."
What he found was a 33 1/2 lb. flathead catfish which is an impressive catch but it also could be a record setter considering where it was caught and the equipment which was used.
Mathis says he talked to some of the local resident who grew up around the river and they told him that was the biggest catfish they've ever seen caught in the river. "They didn't believe that there's fish that big in there. They never landed one so it surprised them."
Whether or not his catch becomes a record setter, Mathis knows that he still has one fish tale that will keep reeling in the listeners.
"Just another day fishing on the Ochlockonee."
The 4th of July is all about the Stars and Stripes but for Mathis, he can add catfish to that list.

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