Another Wild Week in Sports

It all started off Sunday morning when Switzerland's Roger Federer won his 5th straight Wimbledon title... A classic 5-set victory over Spain's Rafa Nadal.

Then things shifted to San Francisco where Ichiro took home the All-star game MVP Trophy.

Then FSU Athletics had some housekeeping issues... A letter to Athletic Director Dave Hart was released saying his contract wouldn't be extended past 2009... Then Friday, Senior Athletic Director Charlie Carr and Associate Athletic Director Pam Overton turned in their letters of resignation as well.

Then the Oklahoma Football team was forced to forfeit 8 victories from 2005 because of cheating.

But there we no cheaters at the ITA tennis tournament at the Scott Speicher center. FSU's Chris Cloer won the whole tournament.

And those were just a few events from this week in sports.