Coaches Sprint to the Finish Line

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Youngsters on track teams from across the state of Florida made a mad dash for the finish line. But their coaches weren't able to pay too much attention, because they had their own race to get ready for. Alice Sims is a CCCC coach and former FSU track star. "It's a lot of fun because all these clubs are from all over the state of Florida and the kids get excited when they see the coaches running because we're always coaching them and telling them how to do things. So it's really exciting when they can see the coaches come out and do the same thing."

CCCC track club members like Ronnie Harris were even impressed by their coaches performance. "I think she was pretty good for an old lady."

Joining Alice Sims, a former FSU track star on the four by one hundred relay team is FSU hall of famer and 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist, Walter McCoy. McCoy says, "I had a lot of fun getting back out here and running. Seeing what it was like to get that feeling of the Olympics.

So the pressure was on, but could this CCCC team pull of the victory? McCoy says, "We are very happy we won, and we talked about it all month now. We've been talking about coming to this meet. This is the meet we have to win. We are at home, we've got all our fans, and we got all our team here. So we wanted to win."

And winning is something that may come a little easier for a team stacked with tons of talent.

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