Camp Z-Ballers is Welcomed to the Area

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There has never been a shortage of camps, but they aren't all accessible, and for the first time, baseball players living near Godby High School have their own option to hone their craft on the diamond.

Godby High's head baseball coach Robby Zimmerman is hosting the Camp Z-ballers.

He worked at the FSU baseball camp for many years, and is now happy to have his own to offer the local athletes at the local school.

"Just trying to provide for this side of the town. Chiles has some camps, Leon has camps, Lincoln has camps, Maclay has camps, North Florida has camps, Florida State has a great camp, Mike McCleod has his camp, just trying to get a little piece of the action, and try to serve the kids in this area of Godby," says coach Robby Zimmerman.

"It's really good, instead of just sitting around the house playing video games, you can go out and do something," adds camper Jamal Samuel.

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