Spreading His Love of Soccer

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If you see him on the soccer field, he certainly won't remind of you of David Beckham, but he does share a few things in common with the soccer star.

One, he's from England, and two, he's having an impact on the game here in the United States.

Andy Warner is the Director of the International Soccer School and he says, "The demand for quality education is all around us and what we're trying do here in Tallahassee is meet that demand."

Coach Warner has been running his team training programs in the capital city for 21 years. What began with 4 high schools participating has grown to a juggernaut where more than a thousand local kids sharpen their skills a year.

Warner says, "That's been the key to the growth and success of the program. we have a lot of players who've played the game who are now coaches and I think all that knowledge has helped soccer."

Former camper and current coach Ron Messick says, "Over the years as a player I learned that they bring in the best coaches and I've always wanted to be part of something successful."

Warner's respect is universal. Whether it comes from a former pupil or current coach, even the younger kids in the camp say Warner is making an impact..

Young Tallahassee camper Russell Upchurch says, "He's a really good teacher and he's funny too, and he teaches us a lot and plays a lot of games." Fellow camper Edward Simpson adds, "I think he's a really good teacher and he helps us with stuff we need to work on. He's just a really good teacher."

While soccer may not get its foothold in professional sports popularity, it is clear that Warner keeps putting his best foot forward to spread his love of soccer.

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