Feeling the Weight of the World

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The sign in the gym points the way for Florida State football players, but these gridiron stars have more than weights to lift off their shoulders.

Sophomore fullback Matt Dunham said, "A lot of people don't give us that respect anymore and we've got to take that back.”

Sophomore linebacker Recardo Wright added, "We want to go back to that place where everybody fears Florida State."

Gaining that Seminole edge pushes players and coaches alike to attack workouts like never before.

Wright said, "(Coach Todd) Stroud as our new weight coach, he just pushes you everyday. He's not going to accept anything other than 100 percent everyday."

Dunham adds, "We're all working hard. I'm working hard. I'm trying to get down in weight and everything. Trying to get where coaches want me at."

The season may still be over a month away but these garnet and gold players already have their war paint on in the form of sweat.

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