Matt Dunham Returns to Health as the Noles Hit the Weights

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An inside look at the making of the Florida State Seminoles football team during the off-season, or at least that's what we call it.

Try telling that to the Seminoles who are sweating every day on the practice fields. With strength and conditioning coach Todd Stroud at the helm, the players are pumping iron and getting in shape.

What you wouldn't notice until you ask is the fact that each player has their own recipe for success. Sophomore fullback Matt Dunham is working back into shape after some injuries in '06.

He's got his own workout plan to suit his needs:

"Me right now, it's not that hard anymore since I tore my ACL and had to come back off that and from a pectoral tear, it wasn't that hard. Coach Stroud has got us doing the right stuff to rehab and get stronger and all that at the same time," says Dunham.

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