NASCAR Drivers Hit Neutral this Weekend

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One of those rare weekends in the racing world where the boys of NASCAR are given a bye. What to do with the extra time, each driver has a different answer.

"I'm going home playing golf ,.. spend some time with my family... vacation to me is sitting at home not doing and not doing anything. Being a couch potato, swinging the club a little bit, so that's what I'll be doing," says Elliott Sadler.

"I'm going to go race my go-kart... there's a go-kart race on my off weekend, so I'm going to do that," adds Jamie McMurray.

"Doing some racing Tuesday up in Wisconsin, then me and a couple of buddies and my son are going to go on vacation... Probably just hang out by home," adds Matt Kenseth.

"Right now, we don't have anything really planned... Man, we go every week, why'd you want to leave home if you had a week off," adds Kevin Harvick.

Just like how each driver has his own style on the road, when it comes to open time, they each have their own methods of keeping busy.

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